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Crew FAQ

The following is useful info for Current and Future Stage Crew Members in no particular order.

****2021/22 info ****
Crew calls will be done through Sign Up Genius and there may be limited slots for each session.  The link will be sent out via Schoology and the volunteer email list for non-students. 

    Any current student may come out for stage crew.  You must be in good academic standing and follow school rules as explained in the student handbook.  You may join crew at ANY point during the school year.  Stage Crew is considered an extra-curricular service club so an activity fee is NOT required.  If you are in the Stage Crew Schoology group you are considered a member of the stage crew.

    Attendance is not required any time except during tech week (this includes tech weekend prior to the show).  Crew positions are not guaranteed but attendance, along with other factors, weighs into placement. We typically meet Tues/Thursday evenings from around 6:30-8:30pm and Saturdays from 9am-noon Jan-May.  Exact dates and times will all be posted under Upcoming Schedule in the menu to the left.

    Most communications are done through Schoology.  I do have an email list mainly for alumni and parent/adult volunteers.  This website will be currently maintained for a master calendar and cancellations.  Occasionally there will be notifications on WHHS.  The FB page is only for students that have worked at least one production and alumni. 

    All attire must conform with school policy as stated in the student handbook. Below are a few suggestions per activity
    Set Construction: comfortable clothing.  Safety is important so be caution of loose fitting or dangling clothing as it could get caught in power tools. Older clothes are suggested as the possibility of damage is likely. 
    Rehearsals:  modest, comfortable clothing is recommended. 
    Performances:  "Blacks"=black attire including pants,shirt, shoes, and socks.  This is mandatory for deck crew and suggested for anyone working the show.  Please try stock up on as much plain black wardrobe without writing or logos. 
    Concerts: blacks or nicer clothes NO non-crew t-shirts.
    Special Events (ie. Awards Night, etc) Dress Blacks or nice pants/slacks/dress, collared shirt, tie typically optional.

Dress Blacks would be Dress, or collard shirt and slacks, no jeans or t-shirts. 

    President, VP, and Treasurer are elected at the beginning of each school year.  Crew members that have worked at least one prior event or show are eligible for nomination. These positions are held for one year. These positions currently assist with crew organization and events.  These roles can be expanded by the officers themselves


    Stage Manager - "calls" the show and runs the crew during rehearsals and performances
    Deck Manager - crew member in charge of backstage operations and the Stage Manager's 2nd in command
    Deck Hand - persons moving scenery or props on the stage
    Spot Op - person that operates the followspot that highlights the performance on stage
    Qlab Operator - Qlab is Mac software that is used to playback sound (and sometimes video) cues during a performance
    Sound or Light Operator - crew member that has been trained and operates the sound or lighting console
    Rail/Fly Op - crew member positioned SL that operates the fly system.  At times they will also operate the traveler curtains
    Make up - assists cast members with applying stage makeup and hair styling
    Costuming/Seamstress - assists with construction, modifications, and repair of production costumes
    Props - organizes, acquires, builds, and inventories production props

Sign In:
   Shows, rehearsals, events, and construction dates will have a crew sign in.  Please sign in the backstage hallway every time you arrive.  This is used in lieu of role call and also gives us a record of individual involvement.

Stage Directions:
    Stage Left and Right would be as if you are standing on stage and facing the audience.  Upstage would be behind you toward the back wall and downstage would be forward toward the audience.

Tech Week: 

    Typically this starts the Friday or Saturday prior to the performance.  Crew Members are expected to clear their schedule for tech week and must attend all scheduled and rehearsals in their entirety to participate.  Rehearsals typically run till 10:45pm* the week of the show so plan on late evenings.   (Tech week begins the Friday or Saturday prior to the first performance)

*This is usually an issue with parents of first year crew members.  Parents, please feel free to discuss this or any other issue or concern with me.  I can assure you that student crew members are usually very motivated to participate in our events.  Most cases I have found students actually work harder in their classes and learn time management skills from their fellow crew members during tech week.